Introducing Living Lovely!

Welcome to Living Lovely- my new and improved blog! For as long as I can remember, I've loved following lifestyle bloggers (Carly the Prepster, Ashley Brooke, Julia Engel, among others). As I've sat in social distancing for a few months, the desire to find a new creative outlet grew tremendously. I finally decided to rip the bandaid off and start this new adventure, building this website from scratch (thanks, Wix!).

Living Lovely is the new home for my writing. While my old page, holds stories and posts near and dear to my heart, creatively, I felt stifled. Beyond the advice I want to share and stories I want to tell, I have long wanted to share recipes, beauty and skincare routines, style tips, travel guides, and more. This blog will hold all of these things. As I move towards completing my undergraduate coursework at William & Mary in December 2021 and move on into the world of graduate school and clinical Social Work, this blog will act as an ever-changing scrapbook of my life, hobbies, perspective and goals.

The world is overly saturated with bad news. Awareness and compassion are so important, and as I continue to grow as an ally and advocate, I also want to do my part in putting more positivity and creativity into my immediate space. Acknowledging the state of the world and speaking up about what matters, I also hope to bring light to what is lovely and sweet. I invite you to follow along as I use this space to grow personally and share my world with you. Let the adventure begin!

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