About Me

My name is Olivia (though most people call me Liv) and this is my blog. I'm a William and Mary student, Atlanta native, coffee lover, Goldendoodle owner, floral obsessed gal.

I started Living Lovely as a creative outlet, to get my words out into the world, and to relate to people who are experiencing similar things.

In the next few years, my life will shift as I go on to graduate school, travel, move to a new place, and learn more about myself and the world along the way. I'm excited to blog about it all along the way- sharing beauty, lifestyle, advice, and more!

I hope that you can take something away from the pieces of my life that I share on this platform. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime!

Fun Facts About Me!


I am a trained pianist- I took piano for nearly 10 years, practicing on a Steinway passed down through my family!


I am a huge Taylor Swift fan. In elementary school I made up a dance to "Picture to Burn" and have been obsessed ever since.


I am a dog lover- I grew up with a yellow lab, then two golden doodles. In early 2020, my family and I adopted our new dog, Lucky the Goldendoodle.


I am a huge foodie. I love eating at restaurants, Italian and Vietnamese food are some of my favorites! At home, I try to cook and bake as often as I can. I am always on the lookout for new yummy recipes!


My favorite place in the world is Paris.


My enneagram is a Two with a One wing. I love reading about enneagrams and the insight it gives on our personalities, needs, and preferences! 

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